2012 Illinois ASA Hall of Fame Inductees

Individual Inductees
  • Merle Adams, FP Merit, Maroa
  • Bruce Evans, JO Merit, Bloomington
  • Judy Miebach, FP Outfield, Marshall
  • Marc “Bubba” Palmer, Slo-Pitch, Marion
  • Chris Smith, Umpire, Macomb
  • Carl Stacey, Sponsor, Calvert
  • Tom Streder, Sponsor, Springfield
  • Mary Sylvester, Umpire, Pleasant Plains
  • Albert Zeller, Sponsor, Peoria

Team / Organization Inductee

  • Stewardson-Strasburg Tates Farm Equipment – Mens Fastpitch
  • Wood River Aces – Mens Slopitch
  • Limestone Girls – JO Girls Fastpitch
  • Washington Cobraas – JO Girls Fastpitch
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