Where is the museum located?
The museum is located at the southern end of Fairview Park in Casey, IL.


What are the museum hours?
The museum is open daily from 9:00am – 4:00pm

How do I order a commemorative laser-inscribed plaque for a Hall of Fame Individual or Team Inductee?

The  plaques  are  “made  to  order”  containing  the  information and pictorial image that the buyer desires. The supplier can proportion the picture and information accordingly. The plaques can honor individuals as players, umpires, sponsors, managers, as well as team plaques. Contact Joe Snedeker at 217-932-3911 for more information.

Click on the link to view/download more information about the commemorative plaques: HOF Plaque Order Form

What is the purpose of the USA Softball of Illinois Hall of Fame?

The USA Softball of Illinois Hall of Fame began in 1971. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to honor those men and women from the State of Illinois who have played a major role in the development of the game of softball. Its second purpose is to help bring attention to the sport of softball to the people of Illinois. That attention is generated by honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to its success.

Who is eligible to be inducted into the USA Softball of Illinois Hall of Fame?

To be selected for the USA Softball of Illinois Hall of Fame, a person must have been an active player in the ASA and in the State of Illinois on a state level. The candidate’s active playing days must have been terminated for a minimum of three years. Candidates may still actively play Masters Softball. It is expected that all nominees have been a credit to ASA Softball both on and off the field.

The length of playing time is to be considered as a factor in the evaluation of candidates. No minimum is required. Success at a state level shall be used as a gauge for candidacy while fame on a National level shall enhance a candidate’s chance of recognition. It will require more than local fame on a local level. Major consideration will be given to those players earning All Tournament Selection and State ASA Tournaments.

Competition against teams recognized nationally from outside the State of Illinois also will be considered a factor in the consideration of the candidate. Any candidate selected to the National ASA Hall of Fame will automatically qualify for admittance to the Illinois Hall of Fame …

Three letters of reference and factual information must be submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee before a candidate will be accepted unless unusual circumstances exist. Scrapbooks are acceptable as well. We are seeking complete softball resumes.

Players not accepted must be resubmitted the following year, unless held over by the Hall of Fame Committee.

How are the USA Softball of Illinois Hall of Fame selections made?

The Selections will be made at the yearly meeting of the Illinois State Executive Committee meeting, or if deemed advisable, at a Special Meeting of the Hall of Fame Committee. It is required that at least seven of the Committee members be present to establish a quorum and conduct a meeting. It requires ¾ votes of the members attending to elect a candidate to the hall of fame. Mail votes may also be taken.

Announcement of the selections will be made prior to the adjournment of the Committee Meeting or at an appropriate time. Players not accepted must be resubmitted the following year, unless held over by the Hall of Fame Committee.

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