Casey Softball Hall of Honor

KZHallofHonor2017Central Illinois has always been a leader in fastpitch softball activities.  Casey in particular has been active in promotion and recognition of the game.  A softball program has been in continuous operation since the early 1930’s.  In 1982 a Fast Pitch Hall of Honor committee was selected with the approval of the Illinois Amateur Softball Association.  The purpose is to select people who have made outstanding contributions as a player, umpire, sponsor, commissioner, announcer, sports writer, sportscaster, manager or other official designation.  Currently 141 men and women have been selected for entry into The Casey Softball Hall of Honor.

Criteria for Casey Softball Hall of Honor Induction:


  1. Years of playing at a high level of competition
  2. Statistics of notable level
  3. Coaching and managing at a high level
  4. Individual awards i.e. All-state, All-tournament, All-conference, MVP, etc.


  1. Years of service
  2. State, regional, and national appearances
  3. Origins from the Casey area
  4. Individual honors or state offices held

Sponsors and supporters:

  1. Years of sustained support
  2. Contribution level in monetary and contributed skills
  3. Offices held in various support groups i.e. girls league, youth league, softball association, ASA, etc.


  1. Sports writing and reporting to popularize softball
  2. Continuous years of positive support
  3. Sustained interest and love of game

Note:  Any variance from the above stated criteria will be considered by the board of directors for the Casey Softball Museum.

2021 Inductees:

  • Lincoln Bailey
  • Jim Barr
  • Jim Bolin
  • Marshall “Fuzz” Freeman
  • Neeley Hupp Hawkins
  • Willie Noffke
  • Karen Redfern
  • Gene Throneburg

2020 Inductees:

2019 Inductees:

  • Cherise (Boyd) Hiss, Player
  • Kim (Mitchell) Brasier, Player/Coach
  • Darald Osborne, Umpire
  • Gene Southard,  Manager/Coach
  • Roger Mitchell, Meritorious Service
  • Lora Jones, Player/Coach
  • Katie Stinson, Player
  • Bri Athey, Player/Coach

2018 Inductees:

  • Trisha (Hupp) Gilbert, Player
  • Deb (Montgomery) Hawkins, Player
  • Mark Bradfield, Player
  • J.D. Spangler, Player
  • Melissa (Hickox) Daily, Player
  • Paul & Lois Yealick Family, Meritorious Service

2017 Inductees:

  • Kara (Repp) Smith, Player
  • Denny Redman, Meritorious Service
  • Michael (Bo) Bohannon, Meritorious Service
  • Stephanie (Stephen) Scott, Player
  • Mackenzie Connelly, Player
  • Len Cummins, Meritorious Service
  • Rob Robison, Player

2016 Inductees:

  • Mike Bohanon, Meritorious Service
  • Christi Burris Dodd, Player
  • Megan Murphy, Player
  • Jim Knierim, Meritorious Service
  • Toni Smith Mullen, Player
  • Bob Stifal, Player

2015 Inductees:

  • Lee Ann Butcher Gilbert
  • Larry Budd
  • Deb Sloat
  • Mike Patrick
  • Jenny Wimbley
  • Terri Cox

4 Responses to Casey Softball Hall of Honor

  1. Reta Ferrell says:

    I’m looking for a copy of a video of a game played in Casey in 1986. Between The Casey Truckers and The Winchester Cardinals. (Ky) My husband pitched for The Cardinals. He said that a video had been offered for sale but didn’t get a chance to purchase then. He will be 80 his birthday and I thought would be a great gift. He was the oldest pitcher in Ky when he retired. His name is Ersal Ferrell and was 69! Thanks!

  2. Cheri Beever says:

    I’d like to know if my great-aunt, Irene “Pepper” Kerwin, is a member of your Hall of Fame. She played for the Caterpillar Dieselettes & Pekin Lettes for many years in the ‘40s, ‘50s & ‘60s.

    • jovo23 says:

      Hello, Cheri, sorry for the long over-due response. Yes, Irene “Pep” Kerwin is a member of the Hall of Fame. She even visited the museum in 2018.
      My father, Steve Voris, is the president of the museum in Casey and sent me two pics of Irene from the museum. I am unable to add them to this message, but if you’d like to see them, send me your email address and I will email them to you.

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