Casey State Bank Funds Fence Project

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(L to R) Joe Snedeker, Museum Treasurer, Kim Brasier, Museum Director, Bill Burris, Museum Secretary, Bev Liebenow and J.R. Fredricks, Casey State Bank, Steve Voris, Museum President

In January of 2018 the Casey Softball Museum Board of Directors met to discuss an idea of replacing the outfield fence at the Historic Trucker Stadium. The fencing was in disrepair and unsafe for teams to use the field. Phelps Fencing of Westfield gave an estimate on the cost of replacing the fence.  

At that time it was decided to put a “Go Fund Me” page on Facebook to try and raise the necessary funds to replace the fence. After a short time and several contributions, one of our local banks contacted us and they were willing to cover all the costs of replacing the fence. 

The Casey State Bank stepped forward in our time of need and graciously agreed to fund this project. Phelps Fencing of Westfield was contacted and the removal and construction of the new fence was started. 

In a short time the new fence was installed, and it is very nice and a job well done. The Casey Softball Museum had a large sign made to commemorate this generous donation and it is on display on the center field portion of the fence.

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