What’s in a Name?


Why is the museum now called the USA Softball of Illinois Hall of Fame Museum? What happened to ASA Softball? Here is the answer from Don Brewer, USA Softball of Illinois State Commissioner. “There have been some positive changes in ASA Softball in the past year. First and foremost, softball will be back in the Olympics in 2020. That great news is partly responsible for changing our association name to USA Softball (of Illinois). The new name better reflects our official designation as the Governing Body of Softball in the Americas.

Unchanged is the locale of our National Office which is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In addition to hosting Executive Director Craig Cress and his staff, the Oklahoma site is also home to the USA Softball Hall of Fame. And, of course, our Illinois Hall of Fame is in Casey, Illinois.”

Click here for more information about the history of USA Softball.

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