Six New Inductees for the Casey Softball Hall of Honor in 2015


Central Illinois has always been a leader in fastpitch softball activities.  Casey in particular has been active in promotion and recognition of the game.  A softball program has been in continuous operation since the early 1930’s.  In 1982 a Fast Pitch Hall of Honor committee was selected with the approval of the Illinois Amateur Softball Association.  The purpose is to select people who have made outstanding contributions as a player, umpire, sponsor, commissioner, announcer, sports writer, sportscaster, manager or other official designation.  Currently 141 men and women have been selected for entry into The Casey Softball Hall of Honor.

The 2015 Inductees who will be recognized at the 2015 Mens Wooden Bat Tournament on July 17, 2015:

  • Lee Ann Butcher
  • Larry Budd
  • Deb Sloat
  • Mike Patrick
  • Jenny Wimbley
  • Terri Cox
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