Men’s Wooden Bat State Tournament

Welcome softball fans! On behalf of the Illinois Amateur Softball Association, it is my privilege to welcome fans and players to our 2nd annual  Mens Fastpitch Wood Bat State Tournament. Our organization is very excited about bringing mens fastpitch championship play back to Casey. This is the city which for many years conducted state and national tournaments and during the regular season hosted teams that were among the best in Illinois and the Midwest. ImageParticularly prominent in Illinois ASA competition in years past was Joe Snedeker and the Casey Truckers. The Truckers won Class A State Championships in 1971 and 1973. For their championship caliber play and team longevity, the Truckers were inducted into the Illinois ASA Team Category Hall of Fame in 2010. In addition, to his Casey Trucker roots, Snedeker also served as an Illinois ASA Vice President for many years. With his strong ASA ties and the able assistance of local fast pitch icons Leroy Staley, Steve Voris, Bill Burris and several others, the Illinois ASA Hall of Fame and Museum was established here in Casey in 2009. We hope you take time to visit our Illinois ASA Hall of Fame Museum during this tournament and most of all, we hope you enjoy great fastpitch softball. May the wind always be at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face and may the rains not fall upon our fields this weekend! Fastpitch is back in Casey.

Don Brewer, State Commissioner, Illinois Amateur Softball Association

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