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Bob Adams, State Commissioner

Bruce Evans, Assistant Commissioner

Steve Voris, President

Kim Brasier, Secretary

  • 217-932-6449

Rob Robison, Director

  • 217-822-7285

Bailey Tait, Treasurer

  • 217-251-6792

Roger Mitchell, Director

Joe Snedeker, Curator

John Voris, Communications

16 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Teresa Johnson says:

    I am looking for a member by the name of Lillian Scott. Do you have any information.

    • jovo23 says:

      I see that Lillian Scott was inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame as an Outfielder for Springfield, IL in 1972. Do you need more info?

  2. steve williamson says:

    has the museum considered having the scorekeepers for all of the old mens fastpitch teams to be included in the fall of fame in the future thanks

  3. Keith Tipton says:

    I’m not sure if this is where I need to be but I’m gna put it out there. I’m looking for used 29″ wooden bats to use for a crib for my first grandchild. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I am on a time crunch since my daughter’s live in Cali and my oldest(whose not pregnant atm) is coming at the end of May and will be delivering it back to cali on her return trip. I thank you all in advance.

    • jovo23 says:

      Sorry for not responding before May. I would not have been any help anyway with your search for used 29″ wooden bats. Did you find any? If you did, I would love to see a picture of the wooden bat crib!

  4. Hydie brandon Brower says:

    I am trying to contact someone so that I may purchase a plague with my dad’s picture on it for the musem. He received The charles McCord award in april. any information will be helpful!

    • jovo23 says:

      Hello Hydie. The plaques are “made to order” containing the information and pictorial image that the buyer desires. Contact Joe Snedeker at 217-932-3911 for more information.

  5. Tracy Endres Kelsay says:

    Good afternoon, My Name is Tracy Endres Kelsay I am the Daughter of Gary Endres. I was wondering your hours of operation and if it is open on the weekends. My dad was inducted into the hall of fame and I have not been there. He Died in December 2018. Also I was wondering my dad had trophies can we donate them to the museum we believe that is where they should be.Thank you looking forward to your response.

    • jovo23 says:

      Hello, Tracy. My name is John Voris and I talked to my father, Steve Voris, who is the current President of the USA Softball of Illinois Hall of Fame Museum in Casey. My dad does remember Gary fondly. He said he was a really good pitcher. My father also said he plans to call you this week. He just got back to Casey from a trip to Iowa. Thanks for contacting us and your interest in the softball museum.

  6. Lori Cave says:

    Hello, my name is Lori Cave. Our team Ricks Choice/Whitey Tip Top will be inducted into the Hall of Fame o Oct. 2. I have a couple of questions. The players that did’t register last year, may they still come this year. They did not receive a letter . Also what is the agenda and how or what is required of us.?

  7. seariff says:

    My dad, Doug Nottingham, was inducted into the Hall back in 2013 as part of the Perfect Window Cleaners. I’m looking for photos of that team and/or him to make a photo collage. Do you have any recommendations on where I should start my search? I’ve contacted the Decatur Herald & Review to see if they have an archive available online.

  8. jovo23 says:

    My father, Steve Voris, did find a team picture of the Decatur slowpitch team hanging in the museum and your dad is in the picture. I will email you the picture.

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